Exceptional Workforce

At Zagosa Procurement we offer bright minds the unique opportunity to get the best working experience from industry and business leaders from around the globe. Our extensive reach and depth of sector knowledge positions us as the favourites when it comes to recruiting the 1 percentile in any discipline or area of study.

We have been able to provide potential candidates with a platform they can connect with great opportunities through Zagosa Recruit which helps with headhunting the best candidates for any available role.

What you get:

Response Recruitment

At Zagosa Recruit, you are guaranteed a responsive recruitment process that ensures a candidate is carried along all the way, from the first contact to the final outcome.

Automated Notifications

You will not miss anything in the recruitment process as all activities performed on your account or on your behalf generates an alerts that is sent straight to your email.

Résumé Builder

Create a free résumé from our online builder choosing from any of the default 22 templates available as you create the right profile and also download this for use.


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