Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Change Catalyst

At Zagosa Procurement, we strive to be more than just an e-commerce platform. We are a catalyst for change, a beacon of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the business world. Our commitment to fostering a supportive organisation honouring these values runs deep, as we firmly believe that strength lies in our collective differences.

At Zagosa Procurement, we understand the power of unity and stand in solidarity with each other, creating a space where every individual is valued and respected. We recognise that embracing diversity brings a wealth of unique perspectives, experiences, and talents that drive innovation and success.

Our dedication to diversity goes beyond words; we act. We understand that empowering marginalised communities and underrepresented groups enriches our organisation and contributes to a more inclusive and equitable society. We actively seek out and support diverse businesses, suppliers, and entrepreneurs, providing them equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.

Our team fosters an environment that encourages open dialogue, mutual respect, and continuous learning. By cultivating a culture of inclusion, where every voice is heard and valued, we can better serve our customers and the community.

We leverage our voice, power, and resources to advocate for social justice, equality, and the elimination of systemic barriers. We actively engage with organisations and initiatives that share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, working collaboratively to bring about positive change. Zagosa Procurement is proud to be the difference and lead by example.


Join us to create a more equitable and inclusive business landscape. Together, we can make a difference by embracing diversity, fostering equity, and nurturing an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone.

At Zagosa Procurement, we are more than just an e-commerce platform—we are a force for change, empowering individuals, and businesses alike to thrive and succeed in a world that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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